English Channel Harbours

Are you a yachtsman (armchair or active)? So are we, and we planned this site specially for you (with plenty of other stuff for landlubbers and any friends who want to join you via the ferry, the tunnel, or one of the many airlines which now flit across the Channel).

We have to start somewhere, so we've published details of all the marinas along the coast. Early in 2007, we'll expand this to cover other yacht harbours and anchorages.

For our first coastal towns we have chosen to research the Brittany harbours of Roscoff, Perros-Guirec and St Malo. We are assessing different providers of mapping and satellite views. Curently Google (see the Roscoff page) is our favourite. We plan to add clickable markers to the maps to show the position of places of interest. Clicking on a marker will display summary information and links to pages with more detail.

As time goes by, we'll add full details of other harbours and the associated towns. We'll do this in the order that takes our fancy, but if you drop us a line we'll try to collect all the necessary information about your favorite anchorage and put it near the top of our to-do list.

What do we provide?

Before we publish a page about a new coastal town, we'll use every research tool we can lay our hands on to find you details of:

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